The awesome impact award

Hello everyone!

I was nominated by 3 amazing bloggers for this award created by rad gamer.

akshaya thulasi


have you ever noticed?

Thank you so much for the nomination!


  • Tag the person who nominated you.
  • Take “The Awesome Impact Award” Picture and add that in your post.
  • Talk about an incident that impacted your life in a really positive way.


And the incident that impacted my life in a positive way, not just 1 or 2, there are many. There are some major incidents that were like more negative but I decided my own view, a positive view.
Some minor, yet important and then comes the everyday life which is impacting everyone’s life, we just need to observe that.

I see both positive and negative side of an incident because according to me, being positive all the time is also a kind of harm, a person must be able to see both the sides so as to analyze the things more clearly, but yes… I’m inclined towards the positive side(analysis play a major role). Sometimes, incidents are responsible for framing the views and sometimes our views and reaction to those incident play an important role( I hope I’m not making it complicated).

Being in this blogging world is also impacting my life, I have few really good friends here and I’m learning a lot from them, their work always inspire me.
So.. I was supposed to write a particular incident but I seriously can’t mention one because each and every incident is precious to me, if I mention all of them then the post is going to be like never ending.

At last, I’ll say
Undoubtedly, Incidents impact our lives but our views and reactions can have a greater impact.

60 thoughts on “The awesome impact award

  1. AQUIB says:

    That’s a valid point raised here, I was intrigued by the word “impact”. With its intricacies which is hard to pen it down.
    Nevertheless mark it here when I say there are “signs”.
    I leave it here to ponder and myself too to this prolific, thought provoking and mind blasting (😜) word “signs”..

    Liked by 1 person

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