Last few days were quite different
I’m feeling some changes within me which are good enough to impact my life in a positive way…
And these changes are not just coming my way… I’m proud am bringing those changes by myself…
And these are the days I completely believe.. that ‘your will power can take you to the limits…and if not the limits …somewhere you’ve never imagined’

It’s not about the particular thing you’ve changed….but what is important is that you’re willing to bring the change that you really need…
And when you know what you need, you need to do some work on it, and for doing that work, you need…will

Many people underestimate the ‘power‘ of will power…but once realized …be ready for a new journey.

.Sometimes you have to be the ‘old’ you to be the ‘new’ you.


-©Riman Ray

50 thoughts on “Change

  1. Muntazir says:

    Very true. We often underestimate the power of will power. Happy to hear that you are heading towards betterment. Keep going with the same attitude and God will bless you with success

    Liked by 1 person

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